I joined AON in January 2017 with no previous experience of pensions. I was immediately interested in completing the Certificate in Pensions Calculation. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for applying to sit some of the exams in March so thought I would take all 7 in September.

I didn’t start studying for the exams until a couple of months before as I lead quite a busy life and work better under pressure. I started studying by briefly reading over the scheme booklets and highlighting many of the key points.

I took the week before the exams off work and spent most days in a café or study in the library, asking questions of my colleagues when needed. The exam week was slightly stressful but I rewarded myself with a weekend away at the end of it, which definitely helped with motivation.

I was delighted when I found out I had passed all 7 exams and hope that this qualification will help further my career in the pensions industry.

I am planning to look in to studying for the Retirement Provision Certificate next.

Most of my revision came from practicing past papers and using the study material on the PMI website (particularly the practice questions).

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