Atlas is the trustee-led Master Trust that represents the considered choice for employers who want their employees to have the financial futures they choose.

Our core belief is that no member should be surprised by their outcome, giving people control of their financial future. It gives them the reassurance that their best interests, and hard-earned money, are being proactively looked after by a board of independent trustees.

We have assets of over £1.1bn and are helping 105,000 members save for their future. We’re committed to being the best, that’s why we are openly structured to partner with the right practitioners for the job, like the people experts Capita, who interact with over half of the UK population every day, as well as Schroders, a leading investment manager with over 200 years’ experience.

We offer a range of different investment funds to suit our members and take care of the complete service, from contribution collection to benefit payments, and with our easy to use online member portal, members always know exactly what their retirement will hold.

What our clients say:

‘we would highly recommend Atlas to anyone considering working with Atlas’

‘In every aspect the move to Atlas has gone exactly as we hoped and we feel like a very valued client’




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